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Party Decor Ideas That Will Get You Inspired!

Share Now (Image via Pinterest) Wedding table decorations set the scene from the moment your guests arrive at your reception. You want your friends and family to have an AMAZING time. Make the decor in your venue inviting and you’ll get the party started the way you want it. Ceremony […]

Spring Hair Trends

Share Now I had the craziest dream last night: after chugging two morning coffees which allowed me to at least fake being human enough to field calls all morning, my stomach was imitating a whale’s mating call when I looked up from my computer and realized I had long missed […]

Meal Prep Guide

Share NowHave you noticed friends who always have a container of blueberries or almonds tucked in their bag, who pack their lunch to work every day, or whose Instagram photos feature impressive displays of bento boxes filled with chicken and sweet potatoes? These are the meal preppers in your life. […]

Easy and DIY Gifts

Share Now Packaging can make all of the difference – it is all about appearance.  The same things is true with holiday gifts…. it’s all in the presentation! We all have a holiday gift list that goes on and on and on.  Sometimes it can get overwhelming and very expensive! […]

Summer Parties Made Simple with Apps

Share Now Photo via TechCrunch The Fourth of July holiday finally comes tomorrow, and we are more than ready for a day off with fun celebrations in the sun. Especially since the Fourth falls in the middle of the week, a lot of us are hosting at-home festivities and attending […]