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Share NowThis information is not meant to be a substitute for care by a licensed veterinary professional. If you have any questions about your pet’s health, seek professional Veterinary care immediately! Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation – CPR for Dogs and Cats It is a beautiful day at the park when all of […]

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Share NowHeat related Problems in Pets – Including Heat Stroke in Dogs and Cats Playing in the warm, sunshine with your dog is  fun, but there are a few simple precautions you can take to keep your dogs cool in the heat and protect them from heat-related problems. By understanding […]

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Share Now Everyone loves that sun-kissed glow but it comes at a great price, simple beauty tips and tricks can give you the glow without the harmful side effects.  Bronzers not only add a healthy glow to your face, but also can even out skin discoloration without skin damage.  It is […]

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Share Now Coyote Danger – Protect your Pets From Coyote Attacks Now. Coyote Danger for pets is a very real danger that many pet owners do not think about until it is too late. With the increasing amount of stories about dogs being attacked by coyotes these days, it is important […]

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Share NowIntervertebral Disc Disease in Dogs Anyone that has a Dachshund or other dog with Intervertebral Disc Disease or IVDD knows the high costs and risks involved with spinal surgery. To top it off, many times it does not work.  This procedure is for severe cases where conventional therapy has not […]

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Share NowDoes your pet need their anal glands expressed? Many pet owners wonder if they should get their pets anal glands expressed.  In many breeds, anal glands are not expressed normally and manual expression is needed.  If you find your dog scooting his rear-end on your floor it is time […]