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Share NowWhat To Do in December Prepare for frosts now. If you don’t care for your sensitive trees, bushes, flowers and vegetables before the first frost, it’s probably too late, since the first frost will permanently damage them. It is not uncommon to have up to 20 frosty mornings in […]

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Share Now November Garden Chores and Tips Fall weather is here, and summer cactus blooms give way to flowers and vegetable planting! Cut back on the watering schedule and replace the plants that didn’t make it through the summer. What To Do in November Grass Bermuda should be watered with two to […]

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Share NowAcupressure for Your Pets Health Acupressure is an ancient Traditional Chinese Medicine (TMC) art that can be thought of as “acupuncture without needles”.   Acupressure stimulates or sedates points lying along the energy channels known as meridians, moving the energy, balancing the Qi (or Chi), and relieving or preventing blockages […]

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Share NowDespite what many people think, veterinary services are a bargain compared to medical and dental services. Most of us do not know what providers bill their insurance company for services. Most consumers are only look at their co-pay and when compared to the co-payments, instead of actual costs, for medical and […]