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Share NowWhat To Do in June Grass Plant your Bermuda lawns if you haven’t already. Apply iron to your lawn once per month. If it’s time to dethatch, do it during the active growing season, May through August. Dethatch every two or three years to rejuvenate the grass. Trees/Shrubs Pick […]

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Share Now Aloe ‘Blizzard’ A new and distinct Aloe cultivar named ‘Blizzard’ is disclosed, characterized a very compact, upright plant habit, strong foliage with bright white variegation, and frequent flowering periods. Plants freely produce offsets. The new variety is an Aloe, typically produced as a garden or container plant.     […]

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Share Now 4.  April Garden Chores and Tips April is our transition month in the desert when the temperatures start to get up toward 100°F. If we have had winter/spring showers we’ll see beautiful wildflowers all over the Valley. As the weather warms up, you’ll have to begin increasing the amount of […]

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Share NowWhen autumn is in the air and everything outside is crisp and colorful, it signals the start of wreath season! While we adore vibrant fall wreaths crafted with live flower and succulent embellishments, it’s aways a little heartbreaking when they wilt away. Our solution? Infuse faux plants to get the look of those wreaths with […]