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Share Now How To Protect Your Pet from Scorpions For many animals in the United States southwest, the sting of a scorpion is similar to an insect sting, with pain and swelling at the site. From human reports the pain can be intense and numbness may also be experienced. High […]

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Share NowAcupressure for Your Pets Health Acupressure is an ancient Traditional Chinese Medicine (TMC) art that can be thought of as “acupuncture without needles”.   Acupressure stimulates or sedates points lying along the energy channels known as meridians, moving the energy, balancing the Qi (or Chi), and relieving or preventing blockages […]

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Share NowDespite what many people think, veterinary services are a bargain compared to medical and dental services. Most of us do not know what providers bill their insurance company for services. Most consumers are only look at their co-pay and when compared to the co-payments, instead of actual costs, for medical and […]

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Share NowLocate Acupressure Points on Your Pet Based on the same theory as acupuncture, acupressure has been used widely in the East for at least 3000 years. In China, it is currently practiced even more widely than acupuncture. Conventional medical studies and thousands of years of clinical experience have shown […]

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Share NowRelieve Your Pets Anxiety with Acupressure Based on the same theory as acupuncture, acupressure has been used widely in the East for at least 3000 years. In China, it is currently practiced even more widely than acupuncture. Conventional medical studies and thousands of years of clinical experience have shown […]

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Share NowRelieve Your Pets Back Pain with Acupressure Based on the same theory as acupuncture, acupressure has been used widely in the East for at least 3000 years. In China, it is currently practiced even more widely than acupuncture. Conventional medical studies and thousands of years of clinical experience have […]