Desert Gardening

Succulent Varieties That Survive Anything

source site Share Now Aloe ‘Blizzard’ A new and distinct Aloe cultivar named ‘Blizzard’ is disclosed, characterized a very compact, upright plant habit, strong foliage with bright white variegation, and frequent flowering periods. Plants freely produce offsets. The new variety is an Aloe, typically produced as a garden or container plant.     […]

Basic Succulent Care

Share NowSucculents are so much fun! Plus they are pretty easy to take care of once you’ve learned just a few basic tips. Lucky for you, that’s what I’m here to do: help you learn to grow succulents! I’m going to guess that most of you will be growing succulents […]

How to Plant Succulents

Share Now How to Plant Succulents Difficulty: Beginner Duration: Less than 1 hour   Succulents are popular for many reasons. They need little water and are easy to grow anywhere and it is easy to learn how to plant Succulents. If you’re busy, travel frequently or are guilty of a […]