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Share Now September Garden Chores and Tips September is another transition month in the desert. We feel like the worst of summer heat should be over — but it isn’t. What To Do in September Grass If you plan to over-seed your Bermuda, stop fertilizing. You’ll be over-seeding next month. If […]

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Share Now August Southwest Desert Garden Chores and Tips What To Do in your Desert Garden in August Grass You can still plant Bermuda grass. Fertilize Bermuda grass lawns with nitrogen according to the directions on the package. Apply Iron one per month according to the directions on the package. […]

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Share NowWhat To Do in July Grass Plant your Bermuda lawns if you haven’t already. Fertilize Bermuda grass lawns with 1/2 pound of actual nitrogen per 1,000 square feet. Apply iron to your lawn once per month. If it’s time to dethatch, do it during May through August. Dethatch every […]

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Share NowWhat To Do in May Grass Plant Bermuda lawns when soil warms up in early May. Fertilize Bermuda grass lawns each month beginning late April or early May. Mow your lawn down to half of an inch until the winter rye grass dies. This encourages new growth and is healthy for the Bermuda […]

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Share Now 4.  April Garden Chores and Tips April is our transition month in the desert when the temperatures start to get up toward 100°F. If we have had winter/spring showers we’ll see beautiful wildflowers all over the Valley. As the weather warms up, you’ll have to begin increasing the amount of […]