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Share NowOctober Garden Chores and Tips Finally, it’s fall in the desert. For the most part, the triple digit days are gone for this year. Working in the garden becomes fun again in October. What To Do in October Grass Apply potassium on Bermuda to help it to come out of […]

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Share Now I love Fouquieria splendens (ocotillo), they are my favorite desert plant.  Also referred to as coachwhip, candlewood, slimwood, desert coral, Jacob’s staff, Jacob cactus, and vine cactus, it is a plant indigenous to the Sonoran Desert and Chihuahuan Desert in the Southwestern United States (southern California, southern Nevada, Arizona, […]

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Share Now September Garden Chores and Tips September is another transition month in the desert. We feel like the worst of summer heat should be over — but it isn’t. What To Do in September Grass If you plan to over-seed your Bermuda, stop fertilizing. You’ll be over-seeding next month. If […]